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Micro betting is also called live betting or in-play betting; terms that are a bit more obvious in their meaning. Some newcomers to sports betting misunderstand “micro betting” to mean placing small bets, although the size of your wagers has nothing to do with it.

As the name “in-play” implies, micro betting is about micro events throughout play. In ordinary future betting, you generally place a wager on the overall outcome of a game. In micro betting, you can predict all the tiny events that make up that final result and win with every one that comes off.

Planning For Variety

Most traditional online and mobile sports betting sites now have micro betting additions to their offerings, and there are also betting sites devoted entirely to micro gaming. Some combine live streaming of the action with betting options, making your sports viewing and betting completely interactive.

Will there be a penalty in a specific minute of a football match? Or will a player take a shot at goal? Or perhaps even score a goal? Or would you like to bet that none of these events will happen in the next minute of the match?

These are the sort of wagering options micro betting offers, and different sites will offer different odds on different possibilities. If you download range of dedicated sports betting apps, you will always be able to shop around for the best odds on your micro betting options. One of the perks of the 5G roll-out is going to be faster, more reliable connectivity for many smartphone services, including micro betting.

What Micro Betting Requires

Micro betting is not for those only half-watching a contest. The situation can change in seconds, and some bets are only available to you for a matter of minutes. So, you need to stay focused on the game to pull off a successful micro betting session.

It is also only during the game that you can notice any unusual trends that you wouldn’t have thought of when placing a future bet. A pitcher with a muscle strain might be tossing only a select group of pitches, say, leading to a surprising result. Or a cricket batter may have developed a boosted scoring rate when facing a particular duo of bowlers.

It is picking up on these sorts of opportunities, and recognising attractive micro bets as they arise, that makes for a profitable micro betting strategy.

Micro Betting Safely

There are two potential hazards involved in micro betting, only one of which you can really do anything about. Issues like teams cheating and thus affecting micro betting odds are up to the authorities to solve, but you can influence the other major charge levelled against micro betting: that it causes problem gambling.

Like any form of betting, micro betting is only safe if you gamble for fun with amounts you can afford to lose. So set a budget and stick to it. On the days you lose, resolve to win it back next time, rather than trying a double-or-nothing bet in the dying minutes of play.