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Cricket is not the world’s most popular sport, but with massive followings in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and several less populous nations, its fan base continues to grow. Global TV coverage and exciting betting options are part of its increasing appeal.

The easiest way to join in the betting fun is via a mobile or online betting site, provided internet sports wagers are legal where you live. Always choose licensed, regulated sites; that way, in the event of any disputes, you can be confident of fair legal protection.

As with most sports, there are several different types of bets you can place on cricket matches. For a start, cricket can be played as a five-day Test, a 50-over ODI, or a 20-over T20 match. Each has their own records to break and milestones to achieve, which multiplies your props betting options.

Straight Bets

The simplest bet to place on cricket is a straight win for one team, or a tie. You have two options to choose from, but the odds are not 50/50. The stronger team will obviously be the favourite, offered at much lower odds than the underdog or a tied result.

The trick is to know when to take the modest rewards backing the favourite, and when to take a flier on an outsider that could cause an upset and net you a tidy sum. In 1983, when Zimbabwe played their first ever ODI in a World Cup match against Australia, they were rated 100/1 no-hopers. Punters should have taken that bet: the newcomers beat the Baggy Greens by 13 runs.

You can place straight bets on the results of an individual Test, ODI or T20 match, an entire series like The Ashes, or a multi-team tournament like the Cricket World Cup.

Individual Performance Bets

You can also place cricket bets on individual performances: the bowler who takes the most wickets, the batter who makes the most runs, or the fielder who takes the most catches. In multi-team tournaments, combined team bowling and batting statistics can also be wagered on this way.

Odds will also vary according to the players and playing conditions, and bets can become a little more complicated. Spread betting is an option, so that you only need to predict a total within a designated range round the actual number. So is over/under betting, when you must predict whether a batter or bowler’s score will be above or below a designated total.

Props Bets Get Wild

Cricket is no different to many other sports when it comes to props bets: provided the bookie will accept them, there is no end to the imaginative wagers you can place. Reckon Bowler Smith is going to dismiss Batsman Jones with an LBW first ball, as has happened at five of their eight previous encounters?

Will spectators get to enjoy all three sessions of a Test day without rain intervening? Can any batter hit a maximum 36 off an over in this T20 game? Will a certain fielder lose their sunglasses making a catch? If you can dream it up, you can probably bet on it…