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Sports betting is much more accessible thanks to internet connectivity and the burgeoning global market for mobile devices. If you only gamble with money you can afford to lose, there is no harm in taking a flutter on sporting events that you enjoy.

However, if betting on sports is a hobby you indulge in regularly, put a bit of effort into developing your skills before you start risking your money. Read on, and learn how to bet like a pro.

Register At Multiple Sites

There are hundreds of sports betting sites online. Many offer mobile apps to download on your devices, allowing instant access to sports betting 24/7, wherever you are. Any professional bettor worth their salt will be registered at several of these sites and have their apps downloaded. They will also keep a credit balance in each account, so they are always ready to bet instantly.

This way you can switch between different betting sites easily, comparing the odds being offered and different betting possibilities. The more sites, the more betting options. For example, if you stay on top of information about the condition of players or the state of teams, and you hear some crucial news before one sleepy bookmaker, you could get a bet on at favourable odds before the new info causes a readjustment.

Choose Betting Sites Wisely

Not all betting sites are created equal. For a start, you only want to deal with those that are reputable, licensed, regulated, and legal to use in your home jurisdiction. Nothing is more frustrating than a big win at a dodgy operation that reneges on paying out, and then discovering you have no recourse because the operation is not subject to the laws where you live.

Once you’re sure a site is legit, there are several other factors that might guide you in picking the best ones. Do they offer welcome bonuses, and other free-bet promotions regularly? Do they feature the sports you love, and other betting choices you enjoy like poker or casino games?

Are their odds good, compared to other sites? Does the site offer a downloadable app? You may also want to scan the reviews posted by other users.

Learn The Maths

Every casino game and sporting contest has certain odds and percentages; not just regarding overall winning and losing, but relating to any event that can happen during the game. The more you understand the mathematics behind calculating odds and probability, the more bets you can win in the long run. So do your homework regularly at sites that specialise in teaching that maths.

Learn all the odds for your favourite games before you play them, then have the patience to wait until the odds are in your favour before you start betting big. And practise bankroll management too: only through strict discipline, regular small bets unless the odds are on your side, and a budget for every betting session that you are careful to stick to, can you survive in the betting world long enough to become a professional.