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Sports fans have created fantasy sports leagues for decades, drafting fictitious teams from pools of players active in a real-life sport, then seeing how fantasy line-ups perform based on players’ real-world statistics. Betting on the results over a season has for years been a common diversion in offices or campus groups.

Computers crunching the numbers make a difference. Modern mobile betting sites mean that punters don’t have to wait entire seasons for fantasy sports results; it can be a daily occurrence.

Daily fantasy sports, or DFS, use computer algorithms and a range of statistical criteria to update fantasy player and team standings daily or weekly, providing enthusiasts with a lot more DFS betting opportunities. Download dedicated DFS betting apps, and they are available whenever you like.

Sports Offering DFS Betting

Golf was one of the first sports adapted to fantasy league play in the 1950s, and it remains a popular choice among DFS punters today. Baseball and American football followed in the 1960s, culminating in the launch of Rotisserie League Baseball in the 1980s. The arrival of the internet expanded the scope for fantasy betting, based on statistics shared from around the world in real time.

While golf, gridiron and baseball remain popular in DFS rankings, these days they face competition from basketball, ice hockey, mixed martial arts, cricket, wrestling, NASCAR, soccer, eSports, Aussie Rules football, and even sumo.

Factors Influencing DFS Play

There is a reason why the supreme court of the US state of Illinois has declared that DFS betting is a skill, rather than a matter of blind luck. Following the US federal Supreme Court’s decision in 2018 that states be allowed to set their own sports betting laws, Illinois is one of 19 states, plus the District of Columbia, that have copied Nevada and now allow sports betting.

But whether you are betting on DFS with industry giants FanDuel or DraftKings, or at smaller sites like Fantasy Aces, Yahoo! Sports or DRAFT, there are factors you need to pay attention to, as they can make your DFS betting more effective. Player matchups between different fantasy teams are important, doubly so when considered alongside the latest real-world injury or performance information for each player.

Likewise, the real-world stadium in which a game is to be played, the home-ground advantage, and even the influence of the prevailing weather can be important. Getting hold of all this information should be part of your DFS betting strategy.

Different Types Of DFS Bets

Guaranteed Prize Pools are the best DFS contests to enter; players pay an entry fee for a shot at a share of a fixed prize pool, although that fee can be steep. A 50/50 game divides all the entry fees into prizes for the top half of the field, who almost double their money, but the losing 50% of players get nothing.

Cash games are the simplest to join or start: entry fees fund the prizes, which are simple dividends of the total pool. Or if you’re confident, play Head-to-Head against another player; the winner taking all.