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Cycling is just one of those sports we can watch for hours and then wonder if any time has passed at all. If you are a cyclist yourself, you’ll know just how much time, dedication and practice goes into preparing for races and tours. If you’re a punter and enjoy a bit of online cycling betting, it is important for you to know just which races and tours are the most popular, as these are the ones likely to bring you the best odds and outcomes. Knowing the routes, locations and cyclists likely to enter will help you make an informed decision about who to place your bet on. Take a look at three of the world’s most popular annual cycling events below.

Cape Town Cycle Tour

The Cape Town Cycle Tour began in 1977 and has remained one of the world’s favourite races ever since. Not only is it one of the most beautiful, with 109 uninterrupted kilometres of Cape Town’s scenery, it is also the largest timed race in the world. Professional cyclists from all corners of the globe, from as far afield as Russia and Romania, flock to the city’s shores to take part in the annual event. Because of the sheer magnitude and time-driven excitement of the event, online cycling betting becomes extremely fervent around about March every year, when the event is held.

Tour de France

Perhaps the most famous cycling event the world has ever seen, the Tour de France, is a multi-layered cycling event. Dating back to 1903, the Tour de France has only ever been stopped twice – when the First and Second World Wars made it unsafe for cyclists to ride between countries. All these years later, and online betting USA sites are getting excited about the event. Many of the world’s top riders participate, making it the perfect event upon which to place a bet.

Fred Whitton Challenge

When it comes to online cycling betting, the more challenging the event, the more exciting the betting process will be. The Fred Whitton Challenge is one of United Kingdom’s most difficult cycling events, and like the two mentioned above, also attracts several cyclists from around the world. While the route itself is certainly not the longest, it is dotted with mountainous, uphill paths. Very few people actually end up completeing the Fred Whitton Challenge, but tickets to participate sell out quickly every year because all funds raised go to charity.

There are plenty of cycling events occurring at any given stage of the year across the world. While the ones mentioned above are three of the most popular, there are several more to ensure that punters who love a bit of online cycling betting are able to enjoy their favourite hobby and be given plenty of opportunity to see their favourite cyclists succeed at what they do best. If you do plan on betting for the first time on Australian betting sites, remember to have fun and enjoy the entire experience!

Online cycling betting can be very rewarding and there are an abundance of opportunities for punters to place wagers and win big when their preferred rider crosses the finish line first or take the yellow jersey.