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Things You Never Knew About American Football

One of the most well-known sports all over the world, thanks not only to the sheer popularity of the sport, but also because of the reputation it has garnered through popular culture, is American football. Over the years, there have been plenty of movies and TV series centred around the sport, and for good reason.

It truly is a sport filled with intrigue and excitement, a fact which also makes it a fantastic game to place bets on. It’s no wonder that online betting has become as popular as it is over the years. It’s always fun to find out things you would not have ordinarily known about a favourite sport or hobby, and American football is no different. Take a look at some of the things many people don’t know about American football below.

An American Game with English Roots

Although the name of the game itself says all there is that needs to be said, American football is without a doubt, a game that is held in high esteem all across the United States. Interestingly enough, it is believed that the sport was born from a combination of rugby and soccer, both of which are celebrated hugely in England.

No matter where its roots may lie though, there is absolutely no denying the fact that the sport is a riveting one to watch, which is likely why online American football betting has remained so well supported over the years.

The NFL Trophy

Online American football betting comes alive every year, as soon as the NFL season starts. The Super Bowl is, perhaps, the most popular sporting event in the world, with millions tuning in to support their teams. However, very little is known about the tournament’s trophy. The football-shaped trinket is made by famed jewellery house Tiffany & Co from scratch every year. Moulded out of sterling silver and estimated to require at least 72 man-hours, the cup is said to be worth about $50 000.

It’s Come a Long Way

In 1939, an American football game was broadcast on television for the first time. During that game, just 500 people watched. That’s roughly 112 200 500 less than the number of viewers who tune in for the Super Bowl events annually. The sport has very definitely come a long way, something which is evident in the number of punters who participate in online American football betting whenever the tournament’s play-offs come around each year.

For as long as American football remains popular, so too will the act of online American football betting as there’s nothing better than being able to put money on a player or  a game that you love. This is no surprise, however, as punters are able to place bets from wherever they are with Aussie sports betting sites, whenever they want to, without having to break from any of the excitement of the games themselves. Now that you know a few things that you never knew before about American football, you might just be able to share an interesting fact or two with a friend when you next watch a game together.