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The Call of Duty 4 slot game is created by Cryptologic. Call of Duty is, of course, better known as being the ultra-successful first person shooter video game franchise. Fans of the video game will perhaps be tempted to check out the slot game version, but they wont be finding any point and shoot action here.

The Call of Duty 4 slot game does, however, go a long way to adding as many explosions as possible, a great deal more then you’ll see in other slot games. The graphics of the game are not especially impressive, with extremely basic symbol designs. Land a wild symbol in a winning sequence, however, and watch a little animated soldier run into the play area and blow up the tile with a hand grenade. It’s certainly worth a few chuckles.

In terms of game play the Call of Duty 4 slot game uses a five reel, twenty five betting line system. The betting lines may be adjusted up or down as the player prefers, adding a level of strategy to the proceedings. Also note that there are a number of bonus features, almost all of which involve explosions.

Symbol Designs

Call of Duty is a video game franchise that is rather light on interesting characters, being as most people in the game land up riddled with bullet holes. This is perhaps why the Call of Duty 4 slot game at the best online casinos for Canadians chose to note focus on individual characters, but rather generic soldiers.

The most valuable symbols in the game include a scope centred on a man’s head, and an assault rifle. These two symbols are equal in value, and both will payout the biggest standard payout if matched the maximum of five times. Next on the list, in terms of value, is a soldier wearing a gas mask and a hand grenade, both of which are medium value symbols.

The lower value symbols include a basic hand grenade icon, an aiming crosshair, a bullet penetrating armour, and the reloading symbol. The lower value symbols are, of course, only ever going to pay out small sums upon being matched.

Big Boom Bonuses

The wild symbol has already been mentioned, featuring a grenade happy animated soldier. Represented by an image of two soldiers firing weapons, and quickly exploding, the wild symbol will match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. For example, the wild symbol may match with two hand grenade symbols, which will result in a three grenade payout. Also keep in mind that the wild symbol may match with itself up to five times, which will grant a considerable instant payout.

The second bonus symbol to look out for in the Call of Duty casino slot game is the scatter symbol, shown as the written words Call of Duty. The scatter symbol is where the big money can be found, and upon matching will trigger a mini-game. The mini-game is as close as the player will get to the video game franchise, and has the player shooting enemies. Beneath each defeated enemy is a cash prize. Keep shooting until a booby prize ends the session.