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Even though slot machines have been referred to as fruit machines, the actual fruit machine itself is only a type of slot machine. Even though the fruit machines origins are traced back to the inventor of the first modern day slot machine, there is a great difference between the two. Slots is a game of pure chance and the fruit machine requires some skill. In order for a slot machine to be referred to as a fruit machine there must be an element of skill, therefore fruit machines are equipped with special features that the player will use to help increase the winning potential.

The Popularity of Online Fruit Machines

Since online fruit machines were added to various online casinos in the recent years, players have shown an immense attraction to the fruit machines. Realizing online fruit machines added much more excitement with the action packed special features and incredibly intriguing bonuses, fruit machines have become even more popular.

Unlike fruit machines in land based casinos, there is no limit to the maximum jackpot when it comes to playing online, making this game quite lucrative. The beautiful software developed to make these games as enjoyable online as they are in real life has made online playing a magical experience. Since mobile technology has allowed online players to enjoy games no matter they are, fruit machines have become extremely accessible for all to enjoy.

Incredible Features of Fruit Machines

Online fruit machines require some skill to playing the game, there are a number of special features that add the action to spinning the reels. Fruit machines can have three to five reels but they generally always have one pay line. When any of the special fruit machine features appear on the pay line, the payer has the choice to use them to possibly change the outcome of the game. This is why it is important to be familiar with how these features work.

Online fruit machines will have information on these to help you better understand the game and you will be able to play some free practice rounds too. Some of the traditional features on fruit machines include nudges, holds, repeats, cash pots, cash ladder and bonus trail. If a nudge symbol lands on the pay line you can use it to nudge the reels a bit to try for a winning combination. The hold symbol, which is not uniquely a fruit machine symbol, allows you to hold a specific symbol and hope to spin a match.

If you have a repeats feature, you are allowed to use the same special feature you had previously. Cash ladders allow the player to win prizes by hitting on a button while the ladder is flashing. Cash pots are types of progressive pots which fill up as you play longer on the machine, these are not available on all the fruit machines. Bonus trails trigger a type of trail the player must follow to release all sorts of rewards and bonuses. Many special features in real money slots games require interaction of the player and some deep thought into making decisions.

Amazing hidden features can be found which may consist of a whole host of incredible bonuses and action packed fun.