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All of the different kinds of online sports betting around the world are becoming more popular over time, but punters still love to play the ponies, and wagers centred on horse races are by far the most well-liked overall. There is a number of thrilling ways to lay wagers on the performances of these mighty beasts, and one of the most valuable skills that punters can lay claim to is mastering how to pick the best totes for each race.

The Definition of Totes Betting Wagers

Totes are also sometimes referred to as pool, or pari-mutuel, bets, and are comprised of all of the bets that may have been places on an upcoming race. The winnings for these wagers are divided up amongst the punters who made the right call, and these are based on the final odds for the bets.

These odds are subject to change right up until the moment that the betting closes and the race begins because the odds are determined by the size of the pool. When a number of different punters place the same wager, the payout will be less for this outcome than it would be for bets placed on an underdog who then goes on to take first place. This is why long shots are sometimes the best totes, and the reason these bets are so exciting is that punters are unaware of the exact odds that their winnings will be subject to until the very last minute.

The Various Kinds of Totes Bets

There are many different kinds of totes, and these will be applied another way to diverse races, and further depend on different betting amounts. As punters spend more time at the online bookmakers offering these bets they will find it far easier to find the best totes, and will quickly be able to hone the skills this type of wagering requires.

The best totes at horse racing betting sites in NZ for newcomers to find their feet with are undoubtedly the bets known as win and place. For the first, punters are asked to predict the horse which will win the race, and the second requires that they guess which ones will place second or third. There is a bet available that combines these two as well, the each way, and this allows punters to predict which animals will take the first three spots when the race has been run and the results are revealed.

Exacta bets require that punters predict which horse will take the first and second place spots in a race in order, and a trifecta wagers extends this prediction to include the third place.

Quadpot bets are very popular as well, and require that punters choose the horses they feel will win or place in four races from the third to the sixth spots; it is an inexpensive wager, but can prove very rewarding to punters who make the right choice.

The best totes wager will vary from punter to punter, and bettors are urged to explore all the options until they find the one most suited to their particular needs.