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The Win/Place/Show wager is one of the most common stakes when it comes to Horse Racing betting so if you do not yet know how they work it is definitely time to remedy that fact! While they do generally have lower payouts than their Exotic bet cousins, they make up for this by paying out a lot more frequently. As always, the higher the risk, the better the payout, but sometimes a wager on what you feel is a sure thing can pay out handsomely.

These stakes are also a great way to kick things off if you are new to Horse Racing betting in general or simply lack experience placing wagers at online bookmakers. They are a gentle introduction and could well see you ending up with a little extra money in your sportsbook account!

Let’s Break it Down

For a horse to Win, it needs to finish in the first position and if you’ve placed this wager then you will only get paid out if they do go on to win the race. A horse that Places is on that attains the second position in a race, but this stake will pay you out whether the horse takes second place or wins. For a horse to Show it must finish in third place, but, when it comes to betting, you will get your money back and then some whether they come in the first, second, or third positions!

Because wagers keep coming in until the moment the race begins, odds can change drastically from the moment you place your stake until those front stall doors swing open. And bookmakers are always looking for new bets to interest spectators and fans, which is why they allow combinations like the Win/Place/Show and others to be undertaken by people just like you in Australia and around the rest of the world.

The Win/Place Wager

This stake is a lot like the Place bet. You will be asked to choose a single horse in an upcoming race that you believe will either Win or Place, so finish in the first or second position. If your chosen animal does this, you will collect! However, unlike the plain Place stake, where the horse ends up will determine your exact payout. You can check what this will be according to the probable payout odds on the tote board and a Win will give you more than a Place will.

Win/Place/Show Bets

These wagers are also known as Across the Boards and resemble the Show bet in Horse Racing. You will be asked to select a horse to Win, Place, or Show, or finish in the first, second, or third place when the race has been run. If your animal comes in at any of the first three positions, you will collect a payout, but exactly how much this is depends on where they end up. Check the payout odds on the tote board and remember a Win pays more than a Place and a Place pays more than a Show.