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Craps is a popular game often seen played not only in casinos but also on the streets. Yes, if you have watched any old American movies you will see the guys throwing dice right out in the road often in alleys. The problem is that the game can be very confusing and often difficult to understand with tempers flaring especially in the movies.

The way the game goes is that the first roll of the dice is known as the Come Out Roll. The shooter is the player. The shooter rolls the dice and if he or she receives a losing roll or do make their point or they receive a seven, the betting round is finished. The shooter can roll again if he makes the point, however, it will be another Come Out roll and new bets will begin.

Not try to explain the game play

The come point bet is one that is done after the point has been determined on the pass line. The very first roll after this bet will set the point. If you get a natural crap you will win the bet. If craps is rolled you will lose. All other rolls if the point is received before you roll a 7 will; however, if you roll a 7 the come bet is a loss.

A pass line bet will win if the first roll is either 7 or 11 but if you hit craps you lose. On the come out roll, a point may be rolled which is 4, 5, 6, 9. or 10. If you roll a 5, then you must roll another 5, before a 7 shows up if you want to win. If a 7 is hit before you hit the 5, the pass line bet will lose. When you make the pass line bet and roll a point, you have the option of betting that you will hit the point again before the shooter rolls a 7.

The bet known as a don’t pass the line bet is just the opposite of the pass line bet. With this bet you will win if the roll is a 7 or 11 but you will lose if 2 or 3 is hit. If the point number is rolled, then the shooter has to roll a 7 before the point is hit again in order to win.

The don’t come bet is opposite of the come point bet. After the come point is determined, if the shooter hits a 2 or 3 you win, and if a 7 or 11 is hit you lose, with 12 being a tie.

A bet is made after the point number is established which means you can bet if the shooter will hit the point. If the shooter makes the point number before rolling a 7 you win. If a 7 is hit, you lose.

Online craps in Canada is still a fascinating game to play even if it can be difficult to understand, just remember to have fun and give it a try. You may find you are natural.