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Rubik’s Riches is a Playtech online slots game that’s been developed to reflect the features of the iconic cube on which it’s based. The Rubik’s cube was a huge hit in the 1980’s and it’s the central theme of this innovative, unusual game. Similar in style to Playtech’s Jenga-themed slot, Rubik’s Riches does away with a conventional playing area and there are no reels, only a giant Rubik’s cube in the centre of the screen.

The bright colours of the cube make this online slots game easy on the eye and the lack of reels and typical symbols make it all the more appealing to any player who wants to try something different to the norm.

Rubik’s Riches Game Play

Instead of paylines, Rubik’s Riches pays out when lines on the cubes all have matching colours. Instead of paying out per line as per standard online pokies NZ, players receive payouts based on the amount of lines that match.  The game’s paytable is displayed on the left of the screen and players are easily able to see what sort of win lining up specific colours will result in.

To start the game a player must hit Spin and the cube will begin a random shuffle. Once the shuffle has come to a halt, any lines that are the same colour will result in a win. Rubik’s Riches also allows players to increase their winning potential the more they play. If matching coloured blocks line up on a regular basis a win of 5x, 20x or 1000x a player’s stake is awarded and 18 line wins will result in a jackpot pay-out of x4000 a players bet.

Rubik’s Riches Bonus Game

Although not a traditional slots game, Rubik’s Riches also has a bonus game that adds to players winning chances. In order for the bonus game to be triggered, the letters that spell out R-U-B-I-K-S and light up at random must all be lit. When all 6 letters are lit at the same time, the bonus feature is activated.

In the Rubik’s Riches bonus feature players are presented with a Rubik’s cube and are able to peel a few of the stickers off. Peeling stickers off will reveal a number of different options including free plays and additional cubes. A player can continue to peel the stickers off until a ‘Start’ symbol is revealed and the bonus rounds kick in. Up to 9 free plays or 9 additional cubes can be hidden in the bonus round and a player is able to unlock all 18 bonus rounds if they predict which blocks are covering them correctly. Free plays can also be re-triggered for additional rewards at

Betting Options

Although Rubik’s Riches is not a traditional online slots game it’s easy to understand and simple to play. The interface navigation is user friendly and the game layout straightforward and relatively simple.

There is only one bet level available in Rubik’s Riches online slots game. Players must decide on their stake and then place a wager anywhere between 0.20 to 500 coins. The biggest jackpot up for grabs is 4000x a player’s stake, no matter what coin denomination has been bet.