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Sports and racing betting has been around for almost as long as sport and racing. This comes as no surprise, as anyone who has ever bet on a horse, team, or athlete to win knows the rush of excitement and suspense it brings.

While the betting industry sees vast sums of money change hands on a daily basis, punters don’t need to spend a cent to place bets on various sports and racing markets at top online and mobile bookmakers.

There are different ways in which punters can place free bets. The following information will help punters find the Best free bets available, how they work, the markets they can be used on, and more.

Different Types of Free Bet Offers

The free bet offers punters will find on the web differ from online bookmaker to online bookmaker. The Best free bets are usually No Deposit bonuses, although punters could also find Welcome Bonuses that could bring a huge number of free bets.

No Deposit bonuses usually offer either a specified number of free bets, or offer punters an amount of money to be used placing bets. These offers require punters to sign up, but do not require them to first make a deposit.

Some of these Best free bets offers may be limited to either sports or racing, a specific sporting code, or even a specific event or race. While Welcome Bonuses technically aren’t free bets as they require punters to first make a deposit, some offers are so generous, they really are worth considering.

Some sites may also run competitions offering free bets to the winners, on an ad hoc or regular basis.

Place Free Bets on PC or Mobile

With options for desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile devices like at, the top online bookmakers have made sports betting convenient and easy.

All of these recommended sites allow for on-site, in-browser betting, so punters need little more than an active internet connection to enjoy the Best free bets. Many sites also offer software download options, which give punters access to a range of special features.

Punters with smartphones and tablets such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone can also enjoy fast-paced betting action on mobile platforms that allow for in-browser betting, as well as offer state of the art apps for download.

Place Free Bets on PC or Mobile

Hundreds of Markets for Free Bets

The top online and mobile bookmakers offer punters hundreds of exciting markets on which they can use the Best free bets. These markets cover both major and less well known sporting codes, track and field events, and local and international fixtures and races.

Among the most popular markets are sports that enjoy massive international followings such as cricket, rugby, tennis, football, and motorsport. Other popular markets include golf, boxing, cycling, basketball, American football, and swimming. Less well known markets include sports such as darts, snooker, yachting, and badminton.

If punters prefer racing, they will find incredible betting options or sites for thoroughbred racing, greyhound racing, Formula One, NASCAR, and many other markets.

The Best free bets can also be used on the novelty markets offered by the best online bookmakers. These markets offer exciting opportunities to bet on financial markets, political elections, and the entertainment industry.