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Every once in a while a slot game comes along that completely changes the rules, and creates something, at the very least, interesting. Jungle Boogie ignores just about every standard slot game principle, and in doing so truly stands apart from other games. It may not boast especially impressive graphics or sound, and it may not even offer much in the way of game play options, but you certainly won’t find a more streamlined or faced paced slot game experience. Join us in finding out what makes Jungle Boogie such a remarkable online casino game.

Game Play in Detail

The first thing that will jump out upon starting up Jungle boogie is that the play area is not just small, it’s absolutely tiny. This is because there are only 3 reels, and just a single betting line. It may sound like madness, but this is how the very first slot games were, back around the time the automobile was not exactly getting stuck in traffic jams. It seems bizarrely simple when compared to the hundreds of betting lines offered by other games, but the streamlining really does offer something worth taking a look at.

The game is based around stripping away all the unnecessary bells and wills that modern slot games tend to use. Multiple reels and betting lines do seem like you are getting more, but the fact is that Jungle Boogie pays out substantially more with each win achieved, even if wins are rather rare. It’s a case of quality as apposed to quantity, and each win in Jungle Boogie is something worth celebrating. Almost every match made is a huge amount, and it rather turns the concept of a slot game on its head.

The core of the game is that each set of symbols pays out according to how much has been bet on that particular spin. But there are only 3 betting options, 1, 2, or 3. Depending on which bet has been placed, each set of 3 symbols pays out more or less.

Play Symbols and Visuals

The symbols being used are jungle animals, which fits with the games overall theme. A tiger is your power symbol, and if matched the maximum of 3 times pays out an astronomical amount. Some of the other animals are a baboon, parrot and fish. None of the animals animate or do much of anything at all, and although the art style isn’t unpleasant by any means, it’s certainly plain. But then being plain is what Jungle Boogie is all about; plain in the best possible way.

The only thing Jungle Boogie offers in the way of dazzle is the background, which is a rather large one, given how small the play area is. There are a few green leaves, a tiger, and a parrot to occupy the space. The parrot turns his head, but this can only just barely be called animation. As we already said, Jungle Boogie isn’t about astonishing you with dazzling effects. Give the game a try though, and you my be pleasantly surprised.