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Satoshis Secret slot has a unique 6 reel and 20 pay-line configuration that is themed around the world of hacking and bitcoins. The graphics suit the cyberpunk mood of the game perfectly. The aim is to hack corporate bank accounts, then trade the money on the open market. This game by Endorphina offers a unique trading bonus feature as well wild symbols and the unique QWERTY bonus feature.

Satoshis Secret Slot Wagering

To place bets in Satoshis Secret you use coins. You can make the coin values – any value you want between $0.01 and $5. The Bet and Line buttons are used to activate pay lines and place your wagers. The Spin button will start the reels and the Auto Button will let you set a number of automatic spins that the game should take.

The Satoshis Secret Slot Symbols

The theme of Satoshis Secret is hacking and currency trading so the symbols all have these elements in common. The low value symbols are represented by the letters in the QWERTY arrangement on keyboard. You need to match between three and six of them for a pay-out. The matching symbols also need to be on an activated pay line.

The higher value symbols take on the form of foreign currency. The Pound, the Euro and the Dollar. These symbols offer a pay-out of 2000 or 6000 coins for six matching symbols. Finally there is the symbol of the hacker, unidentifiable by the hood over his face. He will pocket players 10 000 coins for six matching symbols on an activated pay line.

The Bonus Wild Feature

The Wild symbol is a neon microchip. This symbol will substitute itself for any symbol required to complete a winning combination it is part of. You do not get any additional bonus for lining up the Wilds on an active pay line.

The Bitcoin Bonus Trigger

The bitcoin symbol serves as the Satoshis Secret unique bonus trigger. It only appears on reels two, three four and five. When this bonus feature is triggered you will get a thirty times multiplier on your wager. You can either take the bonus or move on to the trading bonus feature.

The QWERTY Bonus Game

If you line up the letters on a reel to spell QWERTY from left to right you will activate another bonus feature. You will be taken to a new screen where you must attempt to hack into secured bank accounts. The rewards in each bank account are determined by the level of difficulty in hacking that specific account. The difficulty level of hacking the accounts is indicated by their colour coding. Red being the most difficult and green the easiest.

The Satoshis Secret Trading Bonus Game

In this mini game you are taken to the world of online global trading. You will be presented with a three reel by three reels square where you can choose from a selection of investments to make. You must then select either Rise or Fall to make a wager on your stock predictions. You can trade as much as you wish or until your 30 time multiplier is finished. You can choose to quit and take your wins at any time by clicking on the take profit button.