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NetEnt games’ Viking’s Treasure slot game delivers 100 percent on theme conceptualisation and execution. Recommendations and reputable, positive feedback of this online game come in thick and fast, considering the aforementioned design and detailed theme. This slot game also fulfils its general purpose that is to effortlessly immerse players into a virtual world where they can escape for hours and enjoy non-stop online action.

From the onset, every player who takes these great reviews and recommendations to heart and decides to try out the Viking’s Treasure slot game will dive into the ancient world of the Vikings and go on a virtual explorative journey with these interesting men in a search to find new land and conquer it.

See for Yourself, Put Online Reviews to the Test

With so many slot players providing in-depth, positive customer reviews about this slot game, and reputable casino experts bolstering and validating these through their own recommendations, it is time for online players to see for themselves what all the others are raving about. Many NetEnt-powered websites offer this game, with the original main game reworked to fit different gaming platforms. Players can enjoy a mobile version of the Viking’s Treasure slot game on their mobile devices, while a free play version is available for those wanting to play on the reels without spending a cent. A real money version of the game is also available for those wanting to place real money wagers.

NetEnt games developers also created both an instant slot version and a downloadable version. While the former can be instantly played in browser online, the latter can first be downloaded safely and quickly onto the player’s device and then enjoyed by the player. No matter what device one uses or the type of version played, the Viking’s Treasure slot game renders beautifully and seamlessly every time for superior, convenient gaming on the go.

Viking's Treasure NetEnt Slot Online

Pros and Reasons to Conquer This Virtual Land

If players have never greeted these ancient men in this popular themed video slot game before, reading through the following game pros will hopefully make all players, no matter their slot preference, put this gaming title on their online entertainment bucket list and then tick it off the list after playing it.

The overall historic Viking empire theme seen in the Viking’s Treasure slot game is optimised for beautiful screen viewing and easy interactivity through the use of top-notch graphics, immersive sounds and effects, innovative visuals, easy-to-use navigational tools, Nordic-themed symbols, a simplistic layout and top quality technological software similar that of games of online blackjack in Canada.

Players will feel like they are sailing on an actual Scandinavian ship as they hear in-game sounds of rattling chains, creaking wood planks and deep laughter from the crew members.  The sounds of a sword against a shield bursts out of the device’s speakers with every win, while sounds of a drum tickle the player’s ears when three or more scatters appear on the reel at one time or when free spins are triggered on the Viking’s Treasure slot game.

In real money play, players can take take advantage of the wilds, scatters and free spins – another reason to play this game. Free spins come with selected multipliers while wilds double pay line wins.