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Online players adore a good no deposit bonus, because it allows them to make use of the credit provided by the casino they are interested in playing at right away, without having to wait for funds in their new account to clear. While these amounts are not always very big, they always provide enough free money for players to get a feel for the online casino’s facilities, and it is much easier for players to quickly decide whether or not they have found a satisfactory place to play.

A new deposit bonus will usually be in the amount of 5 to 50, and it is intended for two uses:

  1. It incentivises players to sign up with a new casino and reward those who make the decision to do so
  2. It allow players to test the levels of customer service; the speed at which payouts are made; and the usability of the software the casino is making use of

Players using a no deposit bonus will very quickly be able to tell whether the casino’s products and services lives up to the online claims it is making, and they are able to enjoy the games they love without having to open their wallets at all.

Terms and Conditions Always Apply

Nowadays, all modern online casinos will offer players some kind of welcome package in order to get them to sign up for an account. The no deposit bonus is a particularly popular one, since so many players rank it as their favourite type of offer, and casinos are able to showcase their wares very effectively by making this kind of deal available.

It is vital, however, that players ensure that they have read and understood the terms and conditions attached to the crazy luck casino NZ bonus offer they are interested in making use of: these will need to be met in order for the offer to be made use of, and any failure to do so will result in the deal being declared null and void. While these terms and conditions are never particularly onerous, since they are designed with players’ satisfaction as their main priority, they will need to be understood and effected, and players will need to ensure that they have read and understood all the criteria before signing up and attempting to make use of the money provided in this manner.

Two Types of No Deposit Bonus

There are two types of no deposit bonus provided to players these days, and these include:

  1. Non-cashable bonus, one which has a total that will be deducted from the player’s winnings
  2. Cashable bonus, whereby players are able to collect the money offered by means of the bonus along with any winnings they may incur when using it

When players decide to start the search for the best bonuses of this type, it is advised that they find a comparison website that they trust and follow the recommendations provided there. Issues of safety and security; game type and amount; and levels of customer service will all have been taken into account by the reviewers working for these sites, and players can get down to playing at once, rather than having to double-check all the claims the site they are considering makes first.