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Pai Gow poker is a variation of a traditional domino game that gains its heritage from a Chinese background. The domino game in question was called Pai Gow, this game is known amongst many people as having a low risk to all players as the game results in many pushes and a slow rate of play.

Although this game is fairly easy to learn and does not require a player to have a vast knowledge of how to play, this is a game of skill and a well-crafted strategy is key to ensuring that you make the most from every hand. Players will all play against the same dealer as one would in other traditional forms of poker, this means that they are competing against a house and the Pai Gow poker games will result in a social gathering that will provide players with fun and entertainment throughout the entire gameplay. Online versions of this game will offer the same rules as the traditional versions and still incorporate a certain degree of social aspects to the game.

The Rules of Pai Gow Poker Explained

Players that play Pai Gow poker will use a single pack of cards that holds 53 individual cards as well as one joker card. Unlike in other forms of online poker, the joker card is known as a wild card and may be used as an ace or to complete a set such as a flush or straight. Players are dealt seven cards each when the game begins and the standard poker rules for the winning combinations will apply to this casino game.

Once a player has received the seven cards, they will have to separate them into two hands one that contains five high cards and one that contains the two lowest cards at mobile casino Australia. It is important that the high hand contains the cards with a higher poker value than the low hand.  Pai Gow poker players will then have the dealer separate the cards according to the house way rules. High hands as well as low hands are then compared and the hand that holds a higher poker value will receive any winnings. Online Pai Gow is no different and the only thing that will change from the traditional methods is the platform in which the players are playing on.

Developing a Pai Gow Strategy

There are many sites out there that will offer tips and tricks to any person that chooses to find them. Often time’s new bettors or members to the online betting sites will fall into the same traps that so many have previously fallen into. The effectiveness of a good betting strategy is to compare the way others before you have played online Pai Gow poker and to learn from the mistakes that they have made in order to become a better bettor. By reading online betting guides that specifically target the Pai Gow games you are able to find a betting strategy that will compliment you as a bettor and allow you to reach your betting potential.